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  1. My Driving Game

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    On our first day of getting the car we did a 7 hour drive so to relieve my boredom whilst Adam drove I started looking at the vehicle licence plates as each one says the state they are registered to. After seeing a lot more than just Mississippi and Alabama (where we were driving through) I started keeping a list. It became my driving game to look at cars and lorries wherever we went to see how many I could find. In the end I saw licence plates from 40 different states despite us only travelling in 4. The map shows these 4 (green) and the other 36 I spotted (orange).  

    We also saw Manitoba, Quebec and a lot of Ontario’s from Canada. 

  2. Days 10-12 – Driving To The Coast

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    Before leaving Memphis Saturday morning we went to the Bass Pro Shops Pyramid. The pyramid used to be home to a NBA team but they moved out when they started playing badly. I don’t think we have Bass Pro in the UK but they have huge stores full of all things hunting, fishing, camping etc. This one in Memphis even had an alligator tank in the middle. 

    We split the drive in half and spent Saturday night in Jackson, Mississippi before arriving in Biloxi yesterday afternoon. There was a lightning storm last night and we’ve got almost 180 degree view from our room so we enjoyed just sitting and watching the storm as it came in from the gulf. 

    We have 2.5 days here before we head back to the airport so we are going to chill out, spend some time on the beaches, play mini-golf and enjoy (sensibly) the casino in our hotel. 

    Hayley x

  3. Days 7-9 – Nashville, Graceland, Memphis

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    Just a quick one from us today, trying to catch up on the photographs before we dash out for dinner. Below is a mixture of Nashville (Parthenon and Downtown), Graceland and a cruise on a paddle boat on the Mississippi in Memphis. 

    Before the gallery is a little video clip from the interstate, turn up the sound for this one (we slowed down first so we didn’t break the speed limit mum!).