Day 4 – US Space & Rocket Center

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As we were due to be on the receiving end of the remnants of Hurricane Nate today – Spoiler: We got drenched crossing the car park, we opted for an indoor day at the US Space and Rocket Center. Hayley was left in charge of photography for this one, hence the space themed jewellery makes an appearance. In other news I scored the highest score of the day on their space shuttle landing simulator! Obviously a sign of a mis-spent youth…

It turns out that Huntsville, AL is locally referred to as “Rocket Town” and was the NASA facility where the Saturn V rocket was developed and tested prior to the Apollo missions. Hayley was somewhat surprised at the size of the rocket required to reach the moon.

The plans for tomorrow are centred around visiting a small town in Lynchberg, Tennessee – we’ll see if I am in a suitable state to type after that one, so expect very few photos, or very blurry ones!

– A

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